All you need to know about Canadian temporary immigration program

Canada is the most popular country among many countries because its laws are easy and its government supports its people. The persons who live in under developed countries are always in search of better options to spend their life so western countries are considered as best because these provide facilities to their persons. So you can apply for immigration Australia and immigration Canada. If you are interested for Canada then you must know that there are two ways to apply for Canada: permanent resident program, temporary resident program. If you want to apply for temporary immigration program then there are different categories of this type of visa.

Federal skilled worker:

This type of visa is offered to the workers who want to settle in Canada after their arrival. But the applicants must have full time 10 years of work experience. But there are additional documents required from these applicants such as medical clearance, security clearance. If the applicants are fail to submit these documents then their visa will be refused.

Quebec skilled worker:

This type of visa is being offered to the persons who want to live in the province of Quebec. There is different selection criteria of Quebec than Canadian government. It uses points based system to assess immigrants. But the points are given on the basis of education and job experience.

Provincial nomination program:

If you want to quickly get the Canadian visa then you must apply for provincial nomination program. Basically, it consists of partnership between Canadian government and provincial government. But the applicant must have Provincial nomination certificate by the province of Canada.

Family class sponsorship:

This type of visa can be applied only by close family members and the candidate must be above 18 years of age. The Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada can apply for this type of visa. The duration of visa depends on the age of family member and nature of relationship with the sponsor. But the sponsor must have financial support to apply for this type of visa.

Business immigration visa:

This type of visa is offered to the persons who want to invest in the business of Canada. There are different types of programs under this visa such as immigrant investor program, entrepreneur program and self-employed persons programs. But the persons must have financial ability to support Canada’s economy then they will be able to get this visa.