Things to know about male infertility

Even after great advancement in the medical technology still there are some cultures in which male infertility is taken as a taboo and they do not even want to think about it. They think that there will never ever be any problem with the male reproductive system so they avoid getting their selves examined. There are many infertility clinics Dubai which are giving awareness to general public about this problem. They try to tell them that there is nothing to be ashamed of if they have any problem because erectile dysfunction Dubai is a problem like any other in their body and it can be treated if the treatment starts earlier. Following are some things which people need to know about male infertility:

Hormonal imbalance: Like it can cause many difficulties in females, it can also be a reason behind the inability to produce kids. If a person gets low level of testosterone then he may get this problem and there are several other hormones that play their part in this process and if any of them got affected then it will cause problems. There will be a problem in the function of testicles too.

Defected tubules: There are a lot of small tubules that take part in transfer of sperms and if they got damaged or blocked then the process of sperm transferrin will be affected. This breakage or blockage can be due to any reason like due to any infection which occur earlier or any kind of internal injury. It can also occur due to the irregular growth of these tubules. These tubules can be blocked at any point and there is not rule for them so a complete check-up is necessary to know about the level of blockage and area at which they are blocked.

Defected DNA: Another thing which has to be known that there will not be the physical problem all the time instead sometimes there will be the genetic problem which needs to be taken care of. There is a genetic problem known as Klinfelter’s syndrome in which a male is born with irregular chromosome. It has to be one X and one Y chromosome but in this syndrome they have two X and one Y chromosome which makes it difficult for them to reproduce.