Types of Wedding chairs

Wedding is a big day for everyone. Couples do everything to make the day special. The bride and groom select the yummiest cake, choose a heart-warming theme, buy the frilled dress and bow-tie suits and select their favourite spot or venue for the day. However, chairs have a great effect on the overall décor and aesthetics of weddings. There are many types of wedding chairs. Some of them are:

Folding chairs

One of the commonly used types is folding chairs. Folding chairs come in different designs and materials, from wood to metal. Thee chairs are ideal for simple weddings. You can decorate them easily with cloth or flower.

Chiavari chairs

If you want a classic and aesthetic wedding, Chivari chairs are the best option. There are varieties of colours in the chairs but yellow, gold and mahogany are favourite of buyers. Chivari chairs are suitable for lawn and garden.

Ghost chairs

Ghost chairs are a great option for modern weddings. They give a unique look to the wedding with their elaborate style and flawless silhouettes. You can cover them with a cloth or arrange flowers at the top of chairs decorate them.

Cane chairs

Cane chairs are antique-styled and bamboo or grass-made chairs. They have a long history. In past, cane chairs were used in French weddings.  That’s the reason why couples use these chairs to have vintage-styled weddings.

Cross-back chairs

As the name says, cross-back chairs have wooden cross-style at the back. If your wedding-venue is garden or lawn then rent these chairs. You can decorate them with flowers or cover them with a white cloth to add brightness.

Chameleon chairs

The chameleon chair is one of the commonest wedding chairs. The workers cover them with a cloth or decorate them with metal frames that are available with diverse pads or slipcovers. However, some people- who love contemporary weddings, prefer them without any fabric or adornments.

Infinity chairs

Infinity chairs come with a round back that features two overlapping circles creating an infinity loop which marks the love and togetherness for the people who are getting married. It gives the wedding a super attractive feel and is available in colours like white, golden, black and brown.

So, these are a few main types of wedding chairs. You can rent them from the companies of party lightning in Dubai or outdoor lightning in Dubai for cheap.