Types of exhibition stands

Companies and business tycoons organize large exhibitions and expos to earn profit and get money. They provide spaces to developing companies or new startups to give them ground to market themselves. These companies use exhibitions stands to display their products or handouts of their services. There are different types of exhibition stands. Each of the exhibition stands in UAE can be bought for cheap. Some of them are:

  1. Shell Scheme Stands: They are the cheapest low-effect exhibition stands which are too small in size, 3 by 3, yet you can ask the exhibitor to rent you other space to make it 6 by 3. The organizer provides you with too small space in this type of stand. You would have decent row stand, wall panels, fascia and carpeting.
  2. Raw space stands: in raw space stands, the organizer provides your blank and raw space in which you can place stand. It is better to place bespoke rental stands or you have the option to set customized stands. However, you have to contact exhibition stand makers to craft the stand. Raw space provides you with an opportunity to experiment with different designs to create the eye-glueing stand.
  3. Row stands: As the name says, there are stacks of rows beside each other to create stands. The stands have one wall but there is some space between them to give a hallway to people to come in. A person r designer can use their designs for carpeting and wall panelling to give it a unique and different style as they want.
  4. Corner stands: Corner stands are placed at the corners of the place. Usually, organizers place row stands as L-shape so that they can move around easily. The stands can give space to keep things for display. The corner stands are best for companies that have huge traffic at their stands. It will help the company to communicate with all customers.
  5. Island Stands: The exhibition stands that are open and have small tables and chair to sit with several stands are island stands. There are two or three-row stands with a cute and simple table to make it appealing. Island stands are the most expensive exhibition stands than all stands.

So, these are a few types of exhibition stands. If you own a new startup then shell scheme stands are made for you and if you have money then contact exhibition stand fabrication in Dubai to craft the catchy stands.