Types of Bullet Proof Glasses

Bullet proof glasses are installed frequently nowadays. From president to pope, from celebrities to different artists. Many people prefer these ballistic glass windows in their vehicles or home. They are manufactured in a way that they absorb the energy of the bullet and doesn’t get shattered like an ordinary glass. There is no bullet proof glass in this world that can totally stop the bullet. That’s why these glasses are known as bullet resistant glasses. They are so resistant that they can remain in their laminated structure after get hit by many bullets. There are some people out there think that these glasses are made only from glass that’s not true. There are many elements used in the making of these bullet resistant glasses.

The first type of glass is acrylic plastic. The components in this plastic is lighter than other material in the market. It is stronger than an ordinary glass. The normal sheet of this acrylic plastic is of one inch thicker. There are other options in acrylic sheets that are bought by different bullet resistant glass manufacturers if it comes to thickness only. 

The second type is polycarbonate. This is also a kind of plastic but it is very different from acrylic plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is more flexible and versatile. It has more absorbing power than acrylic plastic. The weight of this polycarbonate is so much less than an ordinary glass. The polycarbonate plastic has several layers. By the help of these layers the glass become stronger and more absorbent when something strikes on it. The price of polycarbonate plastic is higher than acrylic plastic. 

The next type in bullet proof glass is glass clad-poly carbonate. This glass is really powerful and hard when it comes to design and manufacturing. There are several layers of polycarbonate plastic on both sides of this glass just like a sandwich. These layers give the extreme end resistance to bullets and other objects. Which makes them different from every other type. The manufacturers heat and cool the layers to attach them together. The result og this material is efficient. It looks like a glass and have more resistance. 

The thickness of glass plays an important role in bullet proofing. The thickness denotes the level of resistance to bullets. Thickness makes the glass stronger and more efficient. Bullet proog glasses are used in many places like offices, homes other buildings.