Things to eat during the summers

Every summer has a story. We all wait for those breezy summer nights. People love summer because the season has a fresh and different vibe. Kids probably look forward to summers more than any of us. After all, it’s a great time for them to go out, have fun. For teenagers, it’s an amazing opportunity to work on themselves with school being out. The warm weather offers us various opportunities. It all on you to make the most of this weather by going for a vacation or relax and take a break from their usual routine. 

What do summers have for us?

Summer offers great opportunities for us. Some of them are:

  • Freedom to wear and experiment with vibrant colours.
  • Beach parties you’ve been looking forward all year start coming around.  
  • I think summer puts everyone in better shape as we all want to achieve that ‘perfect summer body’ which doesn’t matter what matters is having fun and being confident in your skin. 
  • You finally get that break from your daily life. 
  • Go on that road trip with your friends and family.


Summer is the perfect time to switch to a healthier diet especially with fruits like watermelon, cucumbers, cherry and tomatoes being in season these fruits such as cherry can provide you with energy and corn is known as an anti-oxidant which can help in preventing the harmful side effects caused. It is beneficial for people who want to lose weight or switch to healthier alternatives to incorporate various types of fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of foods and veggies that you can eat and make the day refreshing. Scroll down and continue reading what you can prepare for yourselves!

Smoothie: Smoothie is one of the most refreshing drink that can give you calcium, magnesium and sweet taste that can smack your lips and make you blend more yoghurt with favourite fruits.  

Sandwiches: Sandwiches is the lightest food you could prepare for yourself at lunch. All you have to do is to toast slices and stuff them with chicken cubes and veggies to make it nutritious. You can even add a slice of cheese to make it scrumptious. 

Oatmeal: It is the most satisfying meal you can have in breakfast in summer when you want to fill your tummy with something cold. The oatmeal is nutritious enough to satisfy your hunger. You can add berries and chia seeds in it to make yummy.

So, these are top foods that you should include in your diet in summers. You can prepare them by yourselves without any assistance from sites of healthy brunch in Dubai

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