Rules That Every Chauffeur Must Follow

If you are thinking to become a chauffeur or you have just became a chauffeur and you are not sure about your job, then you are reading the right article. Because here you will be reading about the rules that every chauffeur should follow to get a raise or get a good tip. Just like every other job, a chauffeur has a lot of different duties and responsibilities but other than these things a chauffeur must also follow some rules. And one of many rules is that a chauffeur must provide entertainment. But this rule is only followed by the kind of chauffeur who works for people who just hire them for partying. You may even consider to hire a driver in Dubai on monthly basis.

For example, you got an appointment of picking up some teenagers and we know that how kids love to party, now it is your job to play the latest and most partying songs. And you have a couple of beers in your limo, this will make the teens go WOW. And they will spread out the word and make sure to hire you and you have to be very friendly. But remember that they might mess up your car but the money will be worth it. The second rule that you should follow strictly, is not disturb your passenger. There are different kinds of clients that you will meet, there will be people who talk a lot and there will be some who don’t like to communicate. 

You must be thinking that how will you know what kind of client you have at the back. A simple trick is by judging, if you greet them the time, if a person is soft spoken then it will mean that the client is easy to go person. But it still doesn’t mean that you should talk to them all of the time, only talk back when they are speaking to you and don’t speak anything extra. You don’t know who can get offend at what thing. And if you get a client that has greeted and just said in a strict tone that he or she wants to be there, just drive. You can also hire a private chauffeur in Dubai

The next thing rule you should follow is stock the mini bar with edibles and drinks. Most of the chauffeur services don’t keep such things because for some it is expensive. But if you can manage, try keeping a bottle of a good champagne and also let the passenger know. The next thing that you should do is dress smart. This matters a lot, you can experience yourself, trying dressing like a normal driver, you will see that the client might not tip you neither they will want to talk but if you dress nicely, they will tip you for sure and will want to communicate.