Reasons why you should visit the UAE

UAE is the very famous place for people to go for shorter period of time and most of the people go there for either business or shopping. It is a great hub of business and you can find almost all brands of the world there. Most of the business man when go there to do some business deals then they take family with them so that they can get a quick vacation and also to do some shopping from there. To know about the basic requirements to get this visit visa you need to see this:

Passport: To get your ticket online you need to submit colored copy of your passport there. You just need to take the copy of the bio page and last page on which all of your details are mentioned. While doing this you need to see that your passport must be valid for about 6 months otherwise you will not get the visa. You should also know that your passport must be of normal category otherwise it will not be acceptable of 90 days visit visa for UAE.

Photos: After that you have to arrange your photos with the size of 4.3 SMC into 5.5 CMS. You have to get these photos with white background and you photos must be colored. No black and white with blue background is accepted so you have to get new photos in which most part of your face should be evident.

Visa fees: When you are going for visa then you have to pay the visa fees according to the number of days for which you are going. If you want to get 14 days Dubai visa then you need to pay less fee as compared to 90 days visit visa.

Application form: With the increased use of technology in every field of life, you can now fill the application form of visit visa online without any difficulty. You should submit scanned copies of all the required documents and submit your application and it will start processing instantly. You have to provide all the mandatory requirements written on the form to start process otherwise your application will be rejected and it is also possible that you will be restricted to submit application for few months or years if there is any fraudulent activity detected in your submitted application.