Parts of vape devices

Vape in UAE is trending on the top when it comes to the smokers. Most of them have switched from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes known as vape devices. There are multiple reasons behind this change among which the top most are that vape devices are comparatively safer and on the other hand its appearance is quite appealing. Vape devices are ideal for all those chronic smokers who want to quit their smoking as in vape you can control the quantity of nicotine and gradually reduce it to diminish the prevailing addiction.

Vape devices come in different types like Cig-A-Likes, vape pens, vape mods and pod systems. You can easily choose any of them as according to your desire and budget capacity. In this article we will discuss some of the main parts of vape devices so that you may know about its working.

Vape battery

The first and the most important part of a vaping device is its battery without which your entire vape device is useless. This will tell you that until when your vape device will work, they are available as chargeable or non-chargeable batteries depending upon the type of your vape device. For the first case you just have to plug your vape device to a simple vape charger which will come along with other parts. But for the second case you have to remove your old batteries over a specific period of time.

Vape tank

The next important part in your vape device is tank or also known as cartomizer. This part serves as a storage tank in which e-juice or vape juice is stored until and unless you are not using a disposable cartridge. This tank is usually refillable in which you can fill your favorite flavor as soon as the previous one is finished. It just act as a storage compartment in order to store the e-juice before it is vaporized. You can get your desirable vape juice Abu Dhabi from any vape store.

Vape atomizer

This is the magical part of your vape device where the actual magic happens as in this part your liquid vape-juice will be converted into vapor form which is then inhaled by the user. This part is directly connected with the battery which is then heated to convert the liquid phase into vapors. A coil is also present in an atomizer to form smoke clouds which is quite fascinating for most of the vape users.