Different classes of kindergarten

Kids are the asset to any country and for their parent and everyone wants to give them good education and food so that they will get proper nourishment and education. Kids’ education is one of the most important things to give emphasis on because if they get good basic education then they can do anything in the world. To give them education parents need to know about the international school fees in Doha so that they will know whether they can afford it or not. To know more about the curriculum for kindergarten school in Qatar you need to read this:

There are different classes in the kindergarten and every school will give admission in these classes according to the age of the kid. If you kid is above the age of 6 months then he or she will get the admission in infants’ class of kindergarten where they will try to play with kids and help them in learning about socializing. In this class there is a teacher for every three students and she will help them in learning by knowing about the habits of each kid. These kids will remain in this class until they start walking.

Once they grow to an extent that they can walk by their own without the help of anyone then they will be promoted to the toddlers’ section. As there is no proper educational plan so there is no certain criteria for kids to get promoted. In toddlers’ section there is one teacher for every group of 4 kids and they will play and learn together as a team. It will enhance their team work ability. Also the teacher will give them individual attention as needed and create plans according to the habits and learning capability of each kid.

When a kid reaches to the age to 2 years then it will be ready to be promoted to the pre-base section where they will start learning the basic skills with the help of different activities. They are big enough to understand small things and to sit for longer time that’s why in pre-base there is only one teacher for 6 kids. Kids need good attention in this phase to learn life skills and the basics of education. They will start learning to have grip on pencil by coloring on different paper sheets.