Difference between elevators and dumbwaiters

These two machineries which we call as elevator and dumbwaiter have created a lot of convenience for the people. Most of the people think that they both are same but this is not true as they have various differences between them. To diminish this misconception we have chosen this topic to be addressed in this article. But one thing which both have in common is that they are used to save our time and reduce our burden. Can you climb up to tenth floor by stairs carrying a load in your hands? The answer would be no for majority of people. In such scenario lifts played their important role and took people to another level of ease and convenience. If you are a Dubai resident and want to install a dumbwaiter in your house then make sure that you are coordinating with the well-known dumbwaiter supplier in Dubai who is capable enough to supply and install the best quality. On the other hand if you are looking for elevator then Canny elevator is one of the best options.


The first huge difference between both the machineries is their purpose. Both of then are intended to be used differently like lets say if we talk about elevators then you might be quite clear that it is used to carry passengers. This is the reason that they are too big and sturdy so that they could carry an appropriate weight. Whereas on the other hand dumbwaiters are smaller in size and their purpose is to carry small goods from one floor to another.


If we talk about their size then again there is a huge difference between both of them. Elevators are quite large because they have to occupy several passengers at a time. The size could vary as according to the place and its demand. For this purpose the elevators are installed in different public places like hospital, restaurant, shopping malls and hotels. On the other hand dumbwaiters are smaller in size and can only carry small goods.

Weight capacity

Dumbwaiters possess less weight capacity as compared to elevators. This is because the dumbwaiters are intended to carry small amount of goods with limited size so there is no need of wide weight capacity. Whereas the elevators possess greater weight capacity and is supported with strong steel ropes to carry the weight of several passengers.