How to start new businesses in UAE without investment

UAE is becoming the main hub for all kind of investors and businessmen. UAE has supported every business in their region with some attractive policies and regulation to grow any kind of business. They appeal you from their friendly environment and by that many businessmen approached UAE for good. UAE is the main high light for new ideas. Try this out to know more about RAKEZ company setup. They accept everything in a positive way and by these decisions they are known as the most attractive place for business and tourism. Every kind of business exists in UAE and still they are looking for more. Their economy is boosting and developing day by day.

So, we will mention some businesses that can be started without investment. So many entrepreneurs demotivate their selves because they don’t have that budget or capital. But here are some businesses in which you need very less paper work and no investment. The first business you can do is to become a pet sitter. Nowadays most of the people are fond of animals as pets. But when they have to go somewhere, they need somebody to take care of their pet. To feed their pet. So, it is the perfect plan for someone to start something with zero investment. All you need to do is to visit the owner’s house with your details and you will get hired for taking care of a pet. Your job responsibilities will be to take the pet to walk, to feed the pet, and love the pet like their owners. In this job estimated pay of a pet sitter is around 80 to 100 AED. 

Sometimes the pay is more than these figures. It totally depends on the owner and your skills. The second business is to start tutoring or become an instructor. If you are good at something like math or science. They this is the job by which you can earn really good. All you need in this job is the talent and knowledge that you have to pass it to your student and that’s it. Many musicians and instrument artists do this job for extra money. A skill can be taught in the form of money with no investment. Then there is consultancy in different categories like marital, psychological, traveling and career development. Then there are cleaning services in which you just need the right equipment. The most demanding job is social media expert. Many free lancers are earning good money from this job.