Do’s and don’ts of painting on canvas

Do’s and don'ts of painting on canvas

In this modern era, still most of the artists love painting on canvas. Why is that? Well the answer is simple; it is because; the canvas is easier to work with rather than painting on watercolor papers. Canvas painting ideas are really the apple of the eye.

Before you start painting here are some dos and don’ts for painting on canvas. Also, some of the ideas that you can use as beginner painting are mentioned.

  1. Start easy: Do not go fast. Start easy. Remember that you cannot make a multimillion dollar painting the first time you paint or hold your brush. Starting easy means starting on a paper, the reason for this is quite simple; paper is much cheaper than canvas. And when you know how to paint on paper then move on canvas. If you do not have prior experience with painting then this is the most important step, do not miss this step or else it would cause problems.
  2. Which canvas to choose: Well if you did not know already, there are many different kinds of canvas to choose from. Do not just go with any kind of canvas, you never know that your paintings might look more realistic on the other type of canvas. What you must do is use the cotton canvas for some time and observe whether you are capable of giving your maximum output to it or if the other linen one is better.
  3. Painting on drying paper: Now this might come as a surprise but just do not start painting quickly. Make sure the canvas on which you are painting is covered in gesso. This helps a lot as it helps the painting to stay fresh over time instead of fading away and it does not make use of the excess paint that would usually go to waste, thus increasing the efficiency of the paints.
  4. Paints: Do not go with oil paint in the beginning. Even though it might seem like the right thing to do because professionals use it, it’s not. This is because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to master it. The beginners paint is acrylic as it dries out quickly and is easy to work with.

These were some dos and don’ts for starting canvas painting. If you want some ideas, click for info.